Movie Review: A Silent Voice / Koe no Kotachi

A Silent Voice (Koe no Kotachi) movie is originally from a manga written by Yoshitoki Ōima.


Shoko Nishimiya, a deaf girl transferred to an elementary school where she met Shoya Ishida. Having a deaf classmate who seems to be a burden by the class, Ishida led the bullying of Nishimiya. After the principal asked the class who bullies Nishimiya and why she keeps on losing hearing aids, everyone points the fault only to Ishida and later on, he became the target of bullying. 

Nishimiya transferred and Ishida became alone. Years passed and the two meet again. This time, Ishida wants to make amends with Nishimiya and become friends.


*warning: Below may not be spoiler-free*

Overall, I’m gonna rate the movie 7/10. Music is nice, animation is good as always (thanks KyoAni!!), but I wasn’t satisfied with how the story went in the movie. The story was too fast-paced, wherein there were scenes just suddenly jumps to this and then there. Sometimes it doesn’t connect why all of them suddenly were all together when they aren’t all even close to each other or even interacted with one another. Some of the characters were not given justice or rather were not introduced very well, like Ueno and Kawai who are the bitches in the movie (haha sorry). Shoko and Shoya’s feelings and what they really think were not deeply conveyed. Honestly, if I didn’t read the manga, I would have a lot of “huh?” and “why’s”. They didn’t also include the part where they should be creating a movie together (and I think it should be there because that’s the part of the manga where they got the chance to talk and bonded with everyone) In my opinion, it’s better if they made it into a series than a movie so they could really convey the meaning of the story. 

On a good note, the movie adaptation made the story less dramatic and put more funny scenes for more audience to enjoy. It also hit my heart specially when Shoko was being bullied and those scenes when their moms are sincerely apologizing. I also love Yuzuru’s (BEST GIRL!) character, because she cares and thinks a lot of her sister.

Moral of the story:

You don’t just need to hear what a person says to understand her better, you need to listen.

Always respect everyone. You never know what they’ve gone through or going through.

Leave the past and live the present.

Love yourself.

“Friendship is something that defies both words and logic.” – Nagatsuka

Cafe Avenue at Imus, Cavite

If you’re living in Bacoor and Imus area, you’re probably familiar with this cool food place which is located at Aguinaldo Highway, Palico, Imus Cavite. They have just recently moved to a new location, beside Yellow Cab and just a few steps from their previous one. It was better than before because their new location is about 3x bigger than before (they have 1st and 2nd floors). 

The place is usually full at night. Families, friends, couples and even soloistas frequent this place. 
But what’s so good about Cafe Avenue?

  • They have a lot of food and drink choices, which are very affordable and delicious too (and sulit!). From rice meals, burgers, pastas, shakes, hot and cold beverages, nachos, cupcakes, and many more. 

  • Interior design and ambiance of the cafe is very relaxing. They have chandeliers, which gives the place a soshal aura and big chairs that makes you feel like a royal highness! The walls are painted colorfully and has a lot of motivational and powerful quotes and verses from the Bible. Plus, the songs they always play are Christian songs.

  • They have books you can read, card games and board games every family and friends can borrow and enjoy using while eating.

  • The staff are friendly and nice!

    I highly suggest this cafe for everyone. The cafe runs 24/7 that’s why if you want to hang out with friends til morning while munching food, this is a good stop.

    For more information on Cafe Avenue, visit their FB page:

    Cheesy Potato Pancake!

    So I tried a new recipe I found in one of the fb pages.. It looks delicious and easy to prepare that is why I gave it a shot. Though some ingredients that I used isn’t exactly the same with the video (cause I’m limited only to what I can find easily in the stores near me), the output was (for me) satisfying and yummy! 

    Since it wasn’t noted in the video the amount of ingredients needed, I just estimated them. hehe

    Here it goes..
    ingredients (note that the amount I listed here is only based on the amount I used.)

    2 potatoes

    half bar of regular sized cheddar cheese

    salt and pepper

    cloves of garlic, minced/chopped in bits

    onion springs, chopped in bits

    about 3-4 tbps of flour


    ketchup or mayonaisse or both – for the dip (or sour cream)

    how to prepare:

    1.)  Grate the potatoes (peeled). After that, remove the excess liquid from the grated potatoes by using a strainer and pressing the potatoes against it.

    2.) Grate the cheese and mix it with the grated potatoes.

    3.) Mix the egg, flour, garlic and onion springs. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix well!

    4.) To cook, just put enough cooking oil in the pan for frying. Low to medium heat only.

    5.) Scoop the amount you want (depending if you want it big or small size) and flatten it in the pan. 

    6.) cook each side of the pancake for about 1-2mins, or until brown.

    7.) Prepare the dip.  (I mixed the ketchup and mayo)

    8.) Eat! Enjoy it while it’s hot. 

    did you try it? tell me what you think!

    Found: The Lost Bread

    The Lost Bread, recently opened its 4th branch in SM Megamall. Since Maginhawa St. in QC is too far for a taga-south like me, it was good news that they opened another branch less farther from the south (and close to my workplace. yaay!).

    Here is their menu in case you want to see it in advance before visiting. I and my bf visited the place on their 2nd week of opening so I think there will be more food choices available in the future.

    During our visit, we only tried two milkshakes – Carousel and Bonfire, and their Bacon-Sisig Truffle Carbonara. The pasta was served first and we were able to finish it before our milkshakes arrived. 

    Our milkshakes came minutes later, and of course, who wouldn’t want to take pictures of it? It’s an Ay-Gi worthy post!



    These milkshakes are too sweet, aside from the toppings and candies on top. If you’re the type of person who likes sweets but gets easily satiated (like me) and you don’t want to waste it by having leftovers (since it’s a bit pricey), you can have it shared with your buddy.


    Their milkshakes: Very cute and well presented. Too much effort for the staffs to make one that’s why you’ll have to wait, but it’ll be worth it once your order arrives.  I had a hard time choosing what to order among the 6 milkshakes since all of them looks tasty.

    Their pasta: 10 stars! It was super delicious! I didn’t expect that the pairing of bacon and sisig is good. 

    The place: I like the ambiance inside. The white and pastel colors of the place feels cozy and warm.

    The place: The chairs and tables are only few and limited. During peak hours, it’d be hard to find a spot especially for big groups. Since most of the people visiting will stay longer, next customers need to wait patiently, take out or just come back next time.

    NOW ON SOFT OPENING! Find us at the 4th floor of Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall 🍼 #TheLostBreadMegamall

    A post shared by The Lost Bread (@thelostbread_) on

    Overall, it’s a nice place to hang out with friends. It’s quite pricey but I would still come back and try their other shakes and dishes. Maybe next time, I’ll order one of their cake shakes, starter and rice meal.

     Follow them in IG: @thelostbread_

    P.S. Starting today, they’ll be offering a new product, French Toast Cubes.